Warning: The 500mL cap is a small part and poses a CHOKING HAZARD, particularly for children.

Starting in 2011, we will be using the smaller cap on our 16 ounce, 20 ounce, 1 Liter, and 1.5 Liter bottle sizes and as these products are produced, you'll see a similar label statement on these products as well.

Live Well

Discover the Power of Water

Did you know 64% of children are dehydrated when they go to school?*

These studies suggest that most children do not drink enough water, particularly before they head off to school.

The daily amount of water that your child’s body needs must be equal to the amount of water lost during the day.

The reason children’s water intake is often insufficient is because they don’t always think about drinking, even when they are thirsty, so it is important to remind them that they should drink to hydrate their little bodies throughout the day. To function properly, your child’s body has to recover the water lost during the day (through urine, sweat, breathing, and feces), by consuming food and drinks containing water.

Furthermore, children’s water needs are proportionately higher than those of adults because their surface-to-mass ratio is relatively greater than those of adults. As a result, they lose more water through their skin.

Here are 8 daily occasions where you can encourage your children to drink water.

*Study of 334 kids in LA and 208 in NYC

Drink Better. Live Better.

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