Warning: The 500mL cap is a small part and poses a CHOKING HAZARD, particularly for children.

Starting in 2011, we will be using the smaller cap on our 16 ounce, 20 ounce, 1 Liter, and 1.5 Liter bottle sizes and as these products are produced, you'll see a similar label statement on these products as well.

Live Well

Water Is The Source Of Life

The average adult human body is composed of 60% water. In fact, all of our vital organs contain different levels of water.

From your head to your toes, your body needs water. Why?
Check out just some of the functions of water in the body:

  • Water helps to keep your body at the right temperature.
  • Water helps eliminate waste products from the body.
  • Water in the body helps transport nutrients to cells.

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Drink Better. Live Better.

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